Kristen McGrath

Owner/Notary Public

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

Kris is a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor endorsed by The Well-Armed Woman. Because of that endorsement, she offers Women Only courses, helping women overcome the hurdles and issues that only women shooters tend to have. Her goal is to educate, equip and empower women shooters on all levels.

Our Mission is to provide superior firearms instruction in a safe, welcoming environment by teaching the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and operating a firearm safely while enhancing all skill levels.

It is her belief that Instruction doesn't stop after your first lesson.  Because of that passion, Kris received training with "The Well-Armed Woman" following their belief in educating women with firearms in a fun, safe and non-intimidating environment.


Introduced to firearms by her husband, also an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Kris has been shooting for over 17 years and also believes that her training will never be complete. She continues to train by taking tactical handgun defense and personal self-defense courses.  Kris is certified by the NRA to instruct F.I.R.S.T. Steps Pistol, Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home as well as being a Certified Range Safety Officer.

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Bob McGrath

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
Bob has been involved in the shooting sports for over 40 years. Bob's love for shooting sports brought him from being a former competitive pistol shooter and former Military trainer to become a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and volunteer rifle instructor for the Boy Scouts of America. Bob is dedicated to educating others in the safe and efficient use of firearms. 

Bob’s unique approach to education is by offering training in a relaxed atmosphere, while conveying the importance of safety, accuracy and logical self-defense skills. Bob's approach has made even the most reluctant students comfortable in his classes.  Bob also introduced his wife to shooting when they met, which inspired her to become an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and open Centerfire Defense Firearms Training. Their son, is currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, and their daughter is a Certified Range Safety Officer. It is definitely safe to say that shooting runs in the family. 

Bob is Certified by the NRA to instruct Basic Rifle, Basic Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, Refuse To Be A Victim, as well as also being a Certified Range Safety Officer. He is also qualified to teach the courses necessary to satisfy the requirements for obtaining a Delaware CCDW license.

Centerfire Defense was created due to a passion and need for superior firearms training without the bootcamp style attitude.  Currently located in New Castle, De, Our team has a vast background of firearms training and safety.

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